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The author of the “His Dark Materials” trilogy returns, with answers to the questions what happened first and what happens next.
The Rolling Stone founder seemed to enjoy opening up his life to Joe Hagan. Now that the book is about to come out, they are no longer speaking.
The nicest guy in Hollywood discusses his love of typewriters and his new collection of short stories, “Uncommon Type.”
A look back at the major elements of the continuing story, which has spilled well beyond Hollywood.
A lavish new book examines the history of Ardrossan and the old-money world of Philadelphia’s Main Line.
Knopf will publish “Spy of the First Person,” which the actor and playwright wrote in the final months of his life.
In “Red Famine,” Anne Applebaum shines a light on clashing nationalisms in a richly detailed account of the 20th-century Soviet republic’s great famine.
Strobe Talbott on Alan Bullock’s “Hitler and Stalin” and Timothy Snyder’s “On Tyranny,” which span the arc of the Russian Revolution to the present.
A painter, memoirist and daughter of an early feminist, she wrote frankly of the Kennedy White House, where her husband, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., was an adviser.
Mr. Saunders is the second consecutive American writer to win the Man Booker Prize.
Julia Wertz’s majestic portrait of the city is a collection of dramatic streetscapes and hidden histories.
Maria Alyokhina, a member of Pussy Riot, tells her story in her prison memoir.
Collections of verse, from the prizewinning to the more obscure, that explore themes of nature, science and psychology.
On the centenary of the October Revolution, the former secretary of state writes about the books that best help us understand Russia.
The winner will be announced tomorrow.
The comedian on narcissism, fame, his new book on the 12 steps and life after addiction.
Fallaci, whose interviews got the better of famous figures from Henry Kissinger to Muammar el-Qaddafi, is the subject of a new biography.
“There is some language in the book that makes people uncomfortable,” the vice president of the Biloxi School Board said.
She probably wouldn’t have written a memoir, were it not for the gentle prodding of her editor, Daniel Halpern.
A new thriller, “To Kill the President,” has readers calling the author Nostradamus.


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