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Three new books by prominent cinephiles: Dave Kehr, Jim Shepard and Eric Lax.
Magda Szabo’s “Katalin Street” revolves around three families torn apart by what happened in Hungary during World War II.
Devin Murphy’s debut novel, “The Boat Runner,” tracks one man’s descent from his idyllic, small-town roots to the guilt-ridden life of a Nazi.
How much do we really know about the children in the Grimms’ fairy tales? Two authors flesh out familiar characters in revamped versions of the classics.
Six new paperbacks to check out this week.
In Nidhi Chanani’s “Pashmina,” a magical scarf helps an Indian-American girl understand the gulf between her family’s past and her own present in this captivating graphic novel.
John McPhee’s “Draft No. 4” collects eight essays that offer writing advice and take readers behind the scenes of his creative process.
In Nicola Lagioia’s thriller with social-novel ambitions, a beautiful dead woman is the key to an illicit underworld.
Readers respond to Martin Amis’s essay and expound on the roles of religion.
In which we consult the Book Review’s past to shed light on the books of the present. This week: Lemony Snicket on the importance of picture books.
Mr. Robinson’s sports biographies, which mixed careful research with personal recollections, were more realistic than reverential.
Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times.
Ann Marie Fleming’s film explores the passions of a sheltered poet who travels to Shiraz, Iran, for a poetry festival.
Teenage bounty hunters in a virtual-reality world, Amazons in New York City, vicious unicorns and other good guys gone bad.
Based on an Oscar-nominated short film, “The Dam Keeper,” a richly drawn graphic novel, tells of a heroic pig who must save his village from a dark and deadly force.
The actress and author of a thriller, “Bonfire,” can’t read on the set of “Jessica Jones”: “It is crazy exciting! But it’s not a reading environment.”
Colin Meloy’s latest novel follows a wealthy, neglected boy who joins a legendary gang of child grifters. What could go wrong?
In “Fractured Continent,” William Drozdiak presents Europe from its various capitals, highlighting the difficult, new reality of the 21st century.
Thomas E. Ricks surveys 12 new books of military history.
Did Al Gore invent the internet or not?


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