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Read Dan Egan’s wonderfully told story of history, science and reportage about the largest source of freshwater in the world, and join Now Read This.
From “Top Gun” to “Star Wars,” Mark Weinberg’s memoir looks back on evening screenings that staffers shared at Camp David with the commander in chief.
“Pizzapedia: An Illustrated Guide to Everyone’s Favorite Food” by Dan Bransfield is a lighthearted and well-researched guide.
“The Recovering” is about romanticizing the “unhinged sparks of luminous chaos” in artists’ lives, and then learning not to do that.
In “The Common Good,” Reich argues that it all begins with a shared commitment to fundamental principles.
Ms. Ebert, who wrote in secret for most of her life, later rose to queenly prominence within the chivalrous ranks of cowboy poetry.
Carl Hoffman’s “The Last Wild Men of Borneo” tells the stories of an environmental activist accepted by an indigenous tribe and a man who became one of the world’s most successful tribal-art collectors.
An insatiable curiosity led him to contemplate Jewish superheroes, bad acting, the sexualized worlds of Weimer Berlin and Risqué Paris, and more.


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