Jill Lepore explores the many new accounts of the Apollo 11 mission on its 50th anniversary, including Douglas Brinkley’s “American Moonshot.”
Machado de Assis Real, developed by a Brazilian university and an ad agency, shows the 19th-century writer in color, challenging some long-held ideas about him in the process.
Before Woolf settled on the unique perspective for her modernist masterpiece, she had a more expansive, though traditional, book in mind — “The Hours.”
Readers respond to the June 9 issue of the Sunday Book Review.
Ali Benjamin’s new novel and a sparkling debut from Laura Tucker are among four books about relocation and the promise of new beginnings.
Sara Paretsky takes issue with a roundup in our Summer Reading issue. And other features provoke responses from various correspondents.
Six new paperbacks to check out this week.
In “The Death of Politics,” Peter Wehner explores what politics has done to Christian witness and despairs about the allegiances of the Trump era.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt said that “new questions have arisen” about the author’s forthcoming book “Outrages” and that it would delay publication.
Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times.
In “Kathleen Hale Is a Crazy Stalker,” the essayist casts herself as equal parts victim of online cancel culture, and predator.
These books include ones focused on the Central Park Five and others exploring issues of racism and criminal justice that Netflix’s mini-series raises.
“I’ve had a lot of young women tell me my books were a friend in high school when they didn’t have many,” Dessen says. “Man, I know that feeling.”
The novelist and journalist, whose most recent book is the memoir “Places and Names,” thinks Vronsky gets a bad rap in “Anna Karenina”: “I believe that he loved Anna, in his strange broken way.”
In “The Dreamt Land,” Mark Arax chronicles California’s attempt to control its greatest natural resource, often to detrimental effect.
Nicole Dennis-Benn’s second novel “Patsy” follows a Jamaican woman as she begins a new life in Brooklyn, leaving her child behind.
Linda Hirshman’s new history traces a line from sexual harassment lawsuits in the 1970s to the arraignment of Harvey Weinstein.
Psychedelics are back, now in the language of health and wellness. Michael Pollan, Ayelet Waldman, and T.C. Boyle weigh in.
A.K. Benjamin’s magnificently unsettling new book is about the “unraveling minds” of his patients, and his own history of mental illness.
Blake Crouch’s alternate-reality thriller, “Recursion,” explores identity, memory and the very things that make us human.


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