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Steve Graham, an expert in writing instruction, shares advice on guiding children. “Reading is really critical, but it’s not enough.”
Your goal: to make someone fall in love with you (or at least your writing). First, choose a topic you really want to write about.
In “Fast,” the poet Jorie Graham uses her own treatment for cancer as a way to explore the environmental and political crises of 21st-century life.
Two new collections delve into the challenging subject of modern combat and its impacts.
A court ruling deals a blow to KinderGuides, which publishes children’s books based on classics like “On the Road” and “The Old Man and the Sea.”
Jonathan Dee’s novel follows a family from post-9/11 Manhattan to small-town Massachusetts. Class antagonism follows.
Annotated manuscripts by Billy Graham, Mary Jo Bang, Marie Howe and more show the vision and revisions of poetry in progress.
Marlee Grace’s Instagram feed is a trove of short videos documenting her daily movement practice.
Addressing a nagging feeling that the loss of a father when one was 19 is somehow “worse” than the same experience in middle age.
The “Harry Potter” author had assumed — incorrectly — that the president had snubbed a three-year-old boy with spina bifida.
“The Best Minds of My Generation” compiles two decades’ worth of Allen Ginsberg’s lectures about his contemporaries.
The new novel by the author of “The Leftovers” features a 46-year-old woman hooked on pornography and her college-age son navigating campus gender politics.
A reader who loved “A Suitable Boy” and “The Forsyte Saga” seeks more big fat novels with family trees.
One writing teacher advises, Throw all drafts away! Another says, Save everything. Where’s the line between clutter and artifact?
“Black,” a comic series about a world in which only black people have superpowers, is an ambitious project that has stood out for, among other reasons, some incredible covers.
In “Conscience of a Conservative,” Jeff Flake of Arizona crosses a rhetorical Rubicon to excoriate the president — and the lawmakers who support him.
Excerpts from reviews of theater, book and film works by Mr. Shepard, who is dead at age 73.
Two new anthologies, “The Golden Shovel Anthology” and “Revise the Psalm,” gather poems and other writings inspired by Gwendolyn Brooks’ work.
Michelle Kuo talks about her experience teaching a troubled student in Arkansas, first in school and then while he sat in jail on a murder charge.
In columns and books and on TV, Dr. Jones’s clever fictional creation, Daedalus, tweaked laymen and scientists alike.


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