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Children who get free lunches during the school year often go hungry in the summer. Libraries are helping to fill the gap.
A Martha’s Vineyard retreat helped the writer Jenny Allen heal from the breakup of her marriage to the cartoonist and playwright Jules Feiffer.
The hair. The leg bronzer. Now at CNN, a journalist who accused Roger Ailes of harassment sets her first novel at a right-leaning cable network.
Guests pay tribute to a stylish dealmaker who was always there for a group of clients that included Erica Jong, Iris Murdoch and Keith Richards.
A new book matches the events of Charlotte Brontë’s life with those of her heroine Jane Eyre.
Cree LeFavour talks about her new memoir, and Andrew Sean Greer discusses his new novel, “Less.”
The characters in Olivia Clare’s “Disasters in the First World” are often unstable, possibly even deranged.
Ruth, the protagonist of Rachel Khong’s ‘Goodbye, Vitamin,’ most definitely does not have it all figured out.
Three novels show that summer escapes, whether to seaside cottages or the great cities of Europe, rarely avoid the turmoil their characters have fled.
Collections of poetry are in short supply on the hardcover lists these days. But it wasn’t always thus, as Edna St. Vincent Millay once proved.
In “Pretend We Are Lovely,” Noley Reid’s first novel, a family tries to come to grips with a sudden death.
In Catherine Lacey’s “The Answers,” a famous actor tries to design the perfect partner piece by piece.
Six new paperback titles to check out this week.
Readers respond to the Jane Austen issue and more.
Ms. Kakutani has reviewed books at The New York Times since 1983 and was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1998. The paper named Parul Sehgal one of its book critics.
Did Michiko Kakutani — who stepped down after 38 years as The Times’s chief book critic — influence your literary tastes? We’d like to hear about it.
Paul Fussell’s 1983 book, “Class: A Guide Through the American Status System,” plunges into the harsh realities of social divisions.
The workplace is evolving, as is our relationship to it. These three novels explore how work interacts with our personal lives.
Suggested reading from editors and critics at The New York Times.
“Beloved.” “Infinite Jest.” “White Teeth.” “Team of Rivals.” Four decades of signature reviews and essays by The Times’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book critic.


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