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Penguin is so 20th century (just kidding, Penguin, we love ya). The New York Review Books Classics imprint is a rainbow of aesthetic intellectualism.
Julia Van Haaften’s biography is about the pioneering photographer who memorably shot the New York skyline and made sensitive portraits of James Joyce and many others.
In “Overstory,” a magisterial new novel by Richard Powers, humans are merely underbrush; the real protagonists are trees.
Local bookstores in Germany have a tradition of playing an active role in civil society. Far-right groups are now in their sights.
Don Graham’s new book tells the story of how the epic starring James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor was made.
In Madeline Miller’s captivating novel, a feared and maligned goddess from the Odyssey addresses male anxiety about female power.
Tara Westover talks about her memoir, “Educated;” Mark Weinberg discusses “Movie Nights With the Reagans.”
Jacqueline Winspear was mired in London gridlock when her beloved fictional detective, Maisie Dobbs, popped into her head.
Six new paperbacks to check out this week.
In which we consult the Book Review’s past to shed light on the books of the present. This week: Liesl Schillinger on Meg Wolitzer.
In “No Turning Back,” Rania Abouzeid describes the people who suffer and endure in the Syrian civil war.
In “Never Remember,” Masha Gessen and Misha Friedman insist on the horrors of a Stalinist system that Russians today would rather deny or even praise.
If you are getting ready to upgrade your e-reader or tablet and want to take your existing e-book library along, consider your options.
Jennifer Clement’s “Gun Love” is the author’s second novel examining Americans’ fascination with firearms.
Three books recount the struggles of individuals against modern totalitarianism.
In “Alt-Right,” Mike Wendling provides a guide to America’s extreme right.
The latest from Sophie Blackall, David Wiesner and Jillian Tamaki show the form at its sophisticated best. They’re a treat for grown-up readers, too.
A new book pairs some of Ashbery’s poems with the sophisticated and playful visual collages he also made over the course of his career.
Readers respond to recent issues of the Sunday Book Review.
If you only scrutinize your finances once a year (during tax season), these books will help you keep up the momentum.


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