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In her new book, Gessen, a journalist and longtime critic of Vladimir Putin, recounts the experiences of seven people living in post-Communist Russia.
A missing father, an underworld boss and a female diver at the Brooklyn Naval Yards anchor the Pulitzer winner’s first novel since “A Visit From the Goon Squad.”
Lily Tuck’s new novel, steeped in references to literary forebears, exposes the psychological obsession of women who’ve wed the same man.
Shrabani Basu’s “Victoria & Abdul,” now also a film starring Judi Dench, portrays the bond between the British queen and her Indian teacher.
Ferdinand the peaceful bull, a blue crayon named Red and other misunderstood heroes who teach kids it’s ok to be themselves.
The father of primal scream therapy, Dr. Janov maintained, not without controversy, that it could cure an array of ills from alcoholism to asthma.
Radhika Jones, the editorial director of the books section, responds to readers who criticized a roundup of this season’s romance novels.
Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya’s myth-busting new book, ‘Modernist Bread,’ is a call for bakers to experiment and innovate.
The museum celebrates the 50th anniversary of Tanaquil Le Clercq’s ‘Ballet Cook Book’ with two nights of discussion.
Franklin Foer argues that Silicon Valley is an “existential threat” to the individual and society.
In “The Ninth Hour,” the cause of a young Irish widow and her daughter is taken up by the nuns of a Brooklyn convent.
Mr. Diehl, a prolific journalist and critic in his own right, wrote autobiographical books with Natalie Cole, Esther Williams, Patti LuPone and more.
“We Were Eight Years in Power” is a selection of Coates’s most influential pieces from The Atlantic, with new material about what he was thinking and feeling when he wrote them.
A visit with Dan Brown, whose new novel — as with all of his works — doesn’t shy away from the big questions, but rushes pell-mell into them. In “Origin,” the question is: Can science make religion obsolete?
The untitled, previously unknown work was written by the famous author when he was 10 years old.
Third World Press, a beloved cultural institution in Chicago, is turning 50.
Canned beets just don’t compare to the sweet and earthy ones just pulled from the garden.
“Between the World and Me,” Coates’s treatise on black male life in America, catapulted him to prominence. Coates spoke to The Times about his new book, “We Were Eight Years in Power,” his year in Paris and what he’s up to next.
Robert Gottlieb talks about new romance novels, and Celeste Ng discusses her new novel, “Little Fires Everywhere.”
One of America’s greatest writers spent his formative years idolizing divas and listening to Italian operas.


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