“In My Mind’s Eye: A Thought Diary” takes the beloved nonagenarian writer through a year of observations — of herself and of the changes she’s observed.
Using book reading technology, the company will choose stories from among the millions on their app to publish as books.
About 5,000 books, often heavily annotated, that John Ashbery left behind have been acquired by Harvard, which also owns some 250 linear feet of his personal archive.
The show features work from artists from the 17th century onward, including Kerry James Marshall, Shepard Fairey and Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes.
In the wake of “The Perfect Nanny,” Leila Slimani’s first novel — about a French journalist’s extramarital affairs — has been translated into English.
The columnist and humorist died on Tuesday. Here’s a look back at six of his most acclaimed — and beloved — books.
In “The World According to Fannie Davis,” Bridgett M. Davis offers an absorbing portrait of her mother, who ran an underground numbers operation in Detroit for more than 30 years.
Alan Rusbridger’s “Breaking News” describes his years as the editor of the British newspaper The Guardian, when technological change upended his industry.
The comedian from “Adam Ruins Everything” always takes along drawing materials, a fidget spinner and a Nintendo switch to make a cross-country flight go faster.
In “Help Me!,” the British journalist Marianne Power tackles some of the classics of the genre, aiming to become happier, healthier and maybe even solvent.
Edith Hall’s “Aristotle’s Way” sees in the ancient philosopher’s ethics a profound guide for living.
Mr. Baker, a backwoods-born Virginian who became one of America’s most celebrated writers, spent decades at The New York Times and hosted “Masterpiece Theater” for years.
Mr. Baker, who won the Pulitzer Prize twice, spent decades at The New York Times and had a second career as the host of “Masterpiece Theater.”
The Oscar nominations get all the attention, but Tuesday was a busy day for literary honors as well.
Yiyun Li began writing her latest novel, “Where Reasons End,” in the months after her teenage son committed suicide in 2017.
A British production of “To Kill A Mockingbird” has been canceled after the producer Scott Rudin asserted his stage rights to the book.
Jill Abramson’s “Merchants of Truth” offers a firsthand account of the news media’s crisis.
In her debut story collection, “You Know You Want This,” Kristen Roupenian goes even deeper into the pathology of modern relationships.
In Chigozie Obioma’s new novel, “An Orchestra of Minorities,” a humble Nigerian embarks on an epic quest to prove himself worthy of the woman he loves.
Nearing 50, Tommy Tomlinson weighed 460 pounds. “The Elephant in the Room” is a memoir of his lifelong relationship with food, and an account of how he tried to change it.


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