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Books by Kit Reed, Bracken MacLeod and others show us what’s new (and what’s not) in horror fiction.
The basketball star and author of “Coach Wooden and Me” says he looks forward to anything written by Walter Mosley: “I’d be very happy if he wrote a novel every week.”
The Times’ crime columnist rounds up the most chilling true-crime stories for your vacation pleasure.
Finn Murphy opines about the transcendent pointlessness of material possessions, among other topics, in this memoir.
William Shatner’s new book reveals a side of the star that might be unknown even to his legions of fans.
Michael Frank’s memoir tells of growing up in Laurel Canyon under the spell of a glamorous aunt who was part Mame, part Mommie Dearest.
A weighty debut from Emil Ferris, and works by Guy Delisle, Jillian Tamaki, Igort and others.
Grisham’s 30th novel, “Camino Island,” is a bit of a departure for the mega-best-selling author. Mr. Courtroom has written a beach book.
Five new thrillers for the beach and beyond, from a very personal manhunt to a Russian spy during World War II.
“All suggestions can be ignored when necessary,” says the best-selling author, but ignore them at your own peril. (And put away that thesaurus.)
Mr. Horne is best known for a trilogy that recounted the conflict between France and Germany.
Catherine Lacey’s second novel is a meditation on fame and art as well as affection.
The actor and author recalls a time when clearer communication may have saved a lot of dismay.
From the Beatles and Wilson Pickett to Michael Nesmith and the Sex Pistols.
Biking Eastern Europe and hiking the Alps are just two adventures in this season’s travel books. They’ll also visit Cuba, Gascony and the South Pole.
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s best readers will find much to enjoy in this gorgeously produced book, “I’d Die for You, and Other Lost Stories.”
For a couple who reads aloud to each other, our columnist suggests titles with standout voices.
“Cooking With Adrienne” chronicles the trips and recipes of a gastronome who has degenerative dementia.
Her difficult marriage to Alfred Kazin arose in some of her writings.
In “Anatomy of Terror,” Ali Soufan writes about how Al Qaeda and the Islamic State have evolved in recent years.


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