Gabriela suspects she may be pregnant.   Pressured and pushed away by a socially prominent family, Gabriela is faced with hard choices to make about her own life, and her future.

Through varying paths in life, and often tragic circumstance, Gabriela and her family grow-up after facing hurdles and issues of past and future. And they would finally come to know the true meaning of family.

Gabriela eventually manages her escape; the much-heralded journey West, to a better life. The way would be fraught with peril, but along with her twin daughters, Gabriela is determined to make this pilgrimage to LA. There they must somehow rebuild amidst the many lingering questions of ethnicity and betrayal.

 It took only moments for the entire roof to erupt in flames. Within minutes, fire and smoke had engulfed the small wood frame house where the Malette family lived. "Wake up, Harry! The house is on fire! Quick! Get Gabriela outside." Harry Malette gathered up his sleeping daughter, guiding her out into the night air, and to safety.  


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