I Leave You My Dreams

By MamaRose, 20 May, 2023

Cora Hightower's dream was to get her girls out of the South! She dreamed of the journey West, and of stories about the good life. She began to make plans; to get herself and her family, out.

A poignant story of one family's quest to find a better life, we follow their journey from the poverty and disenfranchisement of the south, to the destination west.

This is a moving tale of the bitter and sweet struggles of one woman to find a better life for her family.

Cora dreamed to one day escape the poverty and disenfranchisement of the smalltown South, and make the journey to California.

Why do we have to go to California? It's so far away and we don't know anyone there... Do we have to go?..." At thirteen, Bernice broke the silence of the evening with the usual barrage of questions.

When Cora's husband becomes a victim of both his own indiscretions and those of an unscrupulous boss--Cora and the girls must deal with the many transitions of life- as-not-so-usual in Los Angeles. Too many all-too-familiar characters are woven in and out of the lives of Cora's family, sometimes for the better-- sometimes not.

IThroughout the Destination City -- from Central Avenue to the Beaches, "I Leave You My Dreams provides an incredible glimpse 1940s migration shared by countless millions making the journey westward.